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Mi Boat your Boat

This is an idea that came up with a German friend who has a Mac 26X in Lake Leman (known in the UK as Lake Geneva). I have a 26X, called Ariane which I keep on the River Douro in Portugal, pictured above. Both these destinations are very interesting but are a very long way to drag a trailer.

The idea is simple: Instead of trailering our boats long distances, slow, expensive and risky, why not share our boats with others?

By limiting this idea to other Mac owners, we feel that others using our boats will have the same level of care and competence that we have.

Here are some ways that I envisage that it could be organised.

1 Crew switch

This is no different to welcoming someone as crew on your boat, except that it is long distance, the whole point being to sail in an area so far away you probably wouldn’t want to trail your boat there. For example, I, in Portugal, might welcome a guest from the UK. And,
this idea is reciprocal. I would then be a guest on board my guest’s boat in the UK. This makes best sense for just one or two guests.

2 Boat switch

In this case, the visitors travel to the host and simply borrow the boat. This makes better sense when a whole family want to sail in a distant region. In this case, you would be received by the owner of the boat who will show the navigation area and will give you all local information. Once again, the arrangement is reciprocal, and the host’s family would become the visitors.

3. Friendly charter

Suppose you don't have a boat or that if you do, you can’t lend your boat (it’s in your garden?) but would like to use someone's boat. Suppose you have your boat in water close to home in a fantastic site, and that you have more requests for visits than time to travel. These scenarios can be catered for by boats being offered at a much lower fee than for normal charter.

I would like to start the ball rolling by offering both crew switch and friendly charter. Also, my boat, Ariane, is offered at a low fee. The price is €450 per week (7days) or 300 € per weekend (3 days), to include insurance, mooring, gates, marinas, charts, GPS, etc. I hope that the pictures above of the River Douro will tempt you.

Published at

MacGregor Sailor Magazine
ISSUE NUMBER 65 August 2009
of the UK MacGregor Owner's Association

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